Concept Art and Visual Development for the Production of Films and Series as well as for Themepark design.

Environment / Hardware / Space Ship / Vehicle / Creature / Character / Costume / Cinematic / Set Decoration / Props

Concept Art und visuelle Entwicklung
The Intrepid
Fantasy map v2
alien planet
Character Design cyberpunk indiana jones
Creature concept art blue green

"You have to imagine what you read. What you see is your vision! "

As a concept artist, I draw what is later made in films, spots or built for stage sets. Regardless of whether it is vehicles, landscapes or costumes or actors and the like. Foreign beings are presented to the decision -makers in film with different skills by first rough, later also very detailed drawings. Drawings can be guessed at at the beginning of a film, as was dressed in the later film and which vehicle he is using to drive away

The producer or director can show his idea, which he initially only has in his head, and then provide the 3D department as a design in the final version. Concept Art is therefore an easy way to save a lot of money because errors in a very early stage of film production are fixed or are not made at all. This type of pre-production is of course also applicable in the show area of TV channels, theme parks or in stage construction.

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All pictures are printed on original “Hahnenmühlen Fine Art” paper, hand -signed and provided with a number.

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